Project Management

What is Project Management?

Project ManagementProject Management in building design and construction is the process by which a building project is visualized, conceptualized, designed, reviewed, coordinated, constructed and commissioned. Project Management involves skills in people/team management, motivation, delegation, design, scheduling, coordination, diplomacy, negotiation, conflict resolution, construction, value engineering, and contractual obligations.

Project Managers must have the ability and capacity to work closely with Architects, Owners, Owner’s Representatives, other Engineers – mechanical/HVAC, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, civil, structural, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, building officials, building inspectors, government officials – local, county, state, federal, inter-governmental agencies – HUD, FEMA, EPA, and the general public.

Project Managers must have the experience and training to communicate clearly and effectively in initial project meetings to accurately convey the design and construction aspects of the proposed project. Additionally, the Project Manager must be able to supervise the design process, coordination between the different disciplines, negotiate with the Architect, Owner and Contractor when discrepancies arise, and get the project into construction as smoothly as possible.

Once the project is in construction, the Project Manager must be able to attend to the daily requirements a construction project demands. Contractor questions, Architectural coordination, pay requests, requests for information – RFI’s, architectural supplemental instructions – ASI, change orders, site visits, construction meetings, job observation reports, etc. are just a few of the daily or weekly requirements that will consume time and therefore, fee.

Project fee, in most cases, is the driving force behind every design and construction project. Project fee determines what the building looks like – size, shape, structure, building materials, air conditioning and heating systems, lighting, landscaping, etc., how much time the design professionals can devote to the project, how many design professionals will need to be allocate to the project and for how long, how much time and how many trips the design team can make to the project site, and ultimately, how much profit each participant is going to realize at the end of the project.

Project Management Cost Estimate WorksheetThe Project Management Fee Calculation Worksheet was designed to help the Project Manager or the Project Management Team assemble an accurate project fee estimation. The worksheet allows the Project Manager to manipulate multiple variables associated with any given project to arrive at the project fee estimate.

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Project Management Fee Calculation Worksheet

Project Management Planning ToolThe Project Management Planning Tool breaks your project down into phases and tasks to more precisely allocate time and fee.

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Project Management Planning Tool

Note: The Project Management Planning Tool includes the Project Management Fee Calculation Worksheet.

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